Per person $20

The Big and Bold at Wine and Vino

Another long week and its time to go a tasting ..........This Friday we are featuring some big bold whites and reds from the Old World and the New World. Join us anytime between 7:30 and 9 PM and taste some of these beauties for only $20.00
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Per person $20

Just Bordeaux at Wine and Vino

Bordeaux is arguably one of the best wine regions in the world - we figured it was time to taste a few of them. Join us on September 07 at 7:30 PM as we taste our way through some Bordeaux whites and reds. The tasting will include 4 wines and
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Per person $20

Its hot outside but always cool at Wine and Vino

Oh, the start of August!!!! Just when you thought it could not get any hotter and .......... We are looking at hot and muggy days for another two months ;) You do not want to be outside in this misery. Come to Wine and Vino instead, cool off
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Per person $16

Friday Night Fun at Wine and Vino

Summer is almost over - school is about to start; traffic woes, early morning commutes - all that is around the corner - so why don't you try to forget about all that for a while, relax and taste some incredible wines with
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Per person $16

TGIF – Friday Night Tasting at Wine and Vino

So what are you planning to do this Friday? If you have plans, stop by Wine and Vino before your night out and if you have no plans, then you have to come to Wine and Vino. Join us for our regular Friday Night Wine Tasting - it's an
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Wine and Pizza with Papa Johns at Wine and Vino

So this did not work out the last time and we are going to try again to make it happen.  We will have four pizzas from Papa Johns and four wines as our Friday Night Tasting this week. The event will cost $25.00 (you can do a tasting of the wines
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